Convenient helper for in-house oil supply

STAUFF combines bypass filter with sturdy oil drum trolley

Mobile bypass filters – portable or on castors – are a convenient tool for preventive maintenance and service of hydraulic and lubricating oil systems. In addition to supporting main filtration in active operation and easing the filtration load e.g. during maintenance and after repairs, they also allow cleaning of the system by removing used oil while bypassing the permanently installed filters. They are also suitable for transferring tank contents into other containers as well as for filling systems. Even fresh oil is hardly ever fine filtered during or after production and processing (e.g. during filling and transferring and after transport in reconditioned drums) so that the high purity requirements of modern fluid technology components, which work with clearances in the micrometre range, can often not be achieved immediately. Even very small dirt particles can result in increased energy consumption through friction, in reduced system performance or in often costly standstills. This frequently leads to unscheduled oil changes or the replacing of components, which are sensitive to contamination.

For this reason, the manufacturers of certain system components (such as pumps, motors, valves and cylinders) always assume or recommend mandatory compliance with stipulated purity classes according to ISO 4406 (1999) or NAS 1638, whereby the most sensitive component is definitive for the design of the filtration concept.

STAUFF, the fluid technology specialist based in Werdohl (Germany), in the type SMFS-U-DL-015-G now for the first time combines the actual filtration device including a high quality motor/pump unit (230 V 50 Hz or optionally 400 V 50 Hz) with a sturdy transport trolley, designed for standard channel drums with a volume of 200 litres and a weight of up to 250 kg. The high quality gear pump from a manufacturer with German development and production features low level operating noise while also being suitable for viscous media thanks to the good suction behaviour. Generally, use with mineral oils and comparable media with a viscosity between 10 and 400 centistokes is approved.

This allows the company to expand its already extensive range of mobile filter solutions for nominal flow rates up to 110 litres per minute, which can also be equipped with integrated 8-channel particle counters on request.

The convenient helper for in-house oil supply is designed for a rated flow up to 15 litres per minute (depending on viscosity) and stands out on account of its robust design with a focus on a high load capacity and mobility with steerable heavy duty castors with rear brakes.

The filter elements are spin-on cartridges from the STAUFF SFC-57/58 series with a variable micron rating between 3 and 125 micrometres. These are standard parts with a high availability, which can be purchased again at any time and at short notice. In combination with a visual clogging indicator, this ensures easy handling and servicing while allowing quick and uncomplicated replacement of the element without extended downtimes. Blank elements of type SFC-5700 are also available for pumping off only.

While a steel lance with an integrated stainless steel screen is used at the suction end as an upstream coarse filter with a grading of 200 micrometres, a filling nozzle at the dispensing end provides a high level of convenience and ensures precise dispensing of the required oil volumes.


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